Welcome to HoLO!

Hollywood Light Orchestra is an excitingly  avant-garde ensemble with a unique electronic sound.    HoLO showcases the best and brightest musicians from around the world by re-imagining orchestrations with artists producing a one of a kind collaboration.   HoLO's cutting edge musical identity is achieved by combining faders, sequences, reverb, sound effects, and distortion resulting in a performance like no other.

Hollywood Light Orchestra, under the baton of Maestro Trevor Rigby, is comprised of strings, brass, woodwinds and rhythm section, set ablaze with electricity.  HoLO features  contemporary electronic effects through an orchestral setting providing the audience with a performance like no other.


Collaborate with us and bring your performance to new heights.

We love to collaborate with other artists. Greatness is acheieved when two creative forces come together.  HoLO offers you and your audience the chance to fall in love with your music all over again by collaborating with our skilled conductor and orchestrator  in order to re-imagine it with an electric orchestra.  This also provides both parties with the chance to perform with groups in exciting ways that would have never been possible before!


Hollywood Light Orchestra

Hollywood, CA

E-mail: hollywoodlightorchestra@gmail.com